Privacy Policy

The requested personal data is treated by, established in Luz Saviñón 1709B, Narvarte, Benito Juarez, CP 03020, Mexico City, with the following primary aims:

  • Updating our databases;
  • Creating your account to sell goods with delivery;
  • Online purchases;
  • Layaway of products;
  • Placing an order and delivery of the product(s).;
  • Reporting on the current status of your order;
  • Make the payment process and billing, if so required;
  • Addressing concerns, complaints, comments, suggestions, clarifications, returns and monitor them;
  • Quality service;

For recurring subscription delivery program we can treat your personal information with the secondary purposes listed below:

  • Send promotions, advertising, benefits and discount coupons and even third parties who are our partners;
  • In order to know your consumption habits, tastes and preferences and to offer you the products more suitable for you;
  • Develop marketing studies, market segmentation and statistics;
  • Invite you to participate in our events, contests, sweepstakes, promotions and activities in social networks, website, mobile application, etc., in which, as part of mechanics, we could ask participants pictures or videos of themselves for publication in electronic media or mass media. In case of winning, we may contact you for delivery of the prize and we will publish your name and images, pictures or videos of you in electronic media or mass media for evidence of such delivery. When the awards are conducted through a third party, we may transfer your personal data with the third party to contact you and deliver the prize.

Finally and if necessary, we may share your personal data to comply with obligations under applicable law and / or in compliance with requirements of state and federal authorities. Such persons may not use the information provided by in different ways as our website. These transfers of personal data will be carried out with all appropriate security measures in accordance with the principles contained in the Ley Federal de Protección de Datos Personales held by private parties, its regulation and guidelines of the Privacy Policy (hereinafter and jointly "Legislation").

In addition to the information provided to us, may collect information such as IP address, MAC address, type of browser, the domain name and specific pages within the site through which you have had access and the interaction time with the website, cookies and web beacons in order to fill statistics about browsing behavior of our users. The personal information you provide is stored in databases controlled with limited access. For use of cookies, the button "help" in the toolbar of most browsers will tell you how to avoid accepting new cookies, how to have the browser notify you when you receive a new cookie or how to disable all cookies.

We offer security and confidentiality of your data and we have a secure server under the SSL protocol (Secure Socket Layer), so that the information will be transmitted encrypted to ensure their protection. To verify that you are in a protected environment, ensure that an "S" appears in the navigation bar ("https": //) at the time logged.

The Personal Data provided to us will be kept throughout the sustained business relationship and will be retained for an additional period of up to seven years to then be discarded in order to prevent improper treatment of them. Notwithstanding the foregoing, and only if you have consented, we may retain your email data to continue sending promotions, advertising, benefits and discount coupons. You may revoke such consent at any time via the tools we have available in the e-mails sent.

Your personal data will be handled based on the principles of legality, consent, information, quality, purpose, loyalty, proportionality and accountability in terms of legislation. The confidentiality of your personal data will be kept with effective administrative measures, technical and physical safeguards to prevent damage, loss, alteration, destruction, use, access or improper disclosure. In the event that a breach of security occurs, will let you know in order to take proper action.

Procedure to give attention to revocation requests and ARCO rights (Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition)

The Personal Data you provide in your application for ARCO rights will be treated with the following primary aims:

  • To process, investigate and respond to the request for ARCO rights;

To begin the application of ARCO rights (right of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition of your personal data), and to revoke your consent of processing your personal data you will need to fill out the form we offer in the following link in order to be provided with the corresponding application number:

Likewise, we may request you a legible copy of a valid ID and in the case of a procedure performed by a legal representative, it must additionally attach the correspondent proxy signed before two witnesses with their valid ID (original and copy).

In the case of an ARCO right to rectify personal data, you must attach documentation supporting the request.

After submitting your application in the prescribed format, we may require a period of no more than 5 working days to let you know if something is missing. If something is missing you will have 10 business days to meet this requirement. Otherwise your application will be as not filed.

In a subsequent period of 20 working days you will be notified by the contact means you have established in your application. Once issued the decision we will have 15 days to adopt the resolution.

The terms and deadlines indicated in the preceding paragraphs may be extended only once if necessary and will be notified through the contact media you established.

Revocation and execution of the ARCO rights will be free. You must only cover justified shipping costs or the cost of reproduction in copies or other formats set out in the application.

The Personal Data you provide in your application for ARCO rights may be kept for a period of up to five years in physical and / or electronic formats in order to prevent improper treatment of them. After this all data will be discarded.

Last updated: 12/06/2015