Frecuently Asked Questions


Is it necessary to register to buy?

Not in person. Online yes. In person you can buy directly at the address published on this page. You can also order by WhatsApp or E-Mail . To purchase online (through the website), you must to create your account by clicking on "Login" and then register your e-mail and click the button "Create Account" (later you must fill out the required fields ). This step of creating your account you can do it at the beginning or also by first selecting the products you want to purchase once you want to go to the cashier to make your payment.

¿How to buy online?

Whether you want to log in from the beginning (or create your account) or later once you've selected the products of your interest, the process of adding products to your shopping cart is very easy.

  • Look for the products you're interested the most accordingly to the category of your choice. When you see an item you like, click on the image to view product details. Once you have verified the color and size, add it to your cart. After this you will get a pop-up window in which you can verify that your product is properly added with the characteristics you selected (quantity, color, size, price and a small image of your product). NOTE: If instead of following the above procedure you select "Add to Cart" directly from the catalog images, you will choose the color and default size of the product (so we do not recommend this method because some products are not one size fits all, especially Dorian Grey items among others). Nevertheless, it will still appear a popup window where you can check the default features.
  • Once you've checked the product details on the popup window, you can choose between two options: "Continue shopping" or "Proceed to checkout". If you choose to continue shopping, you can continue seeing more products, adding on the way as many as you want. In the "Cart" menu at the upper right position of the page, you can see the products you have added as well as the shipping given by default (this can be changed later in the buying process). If you choose "Proceed to checkout" please continue reading.
  • Register and / or create your account (if you have not done before).
  • Choose your delivery address (you can add more than one in the system, for example: your home, your work, a friend's house, etc.). Remember that you can put an alias to each address that you add.
  • Choose the best shipping option (here you can change the shipping by default or choose Cash on Delivery if you live in Mexico City or pick up your product in our store).
  • Choose your payment method and confirm your order.
  • Make your payment within 24 hours in order to avoid the cancellation of your order.
  • Tell us when your payment is done and send us a clear picture of your receipt.
  • Once your payment is received, we will proceed to the shipping.


How do I recover my password?

Click on "Sign in". Then in the area of "Already registered?", click on "Forgot your password?". You must then enter the mail with which you registered and click on "Retrieve password". Finally you just have to check your e-mail and get your new password.


Can I make my purchase with my previous orders?

Yes, you just have to login and go to your history. There you need to click on "Reorder".


How I can know the status of my order?

You have to log in, go to the history of your orders and see the status.


Can I send my order to an additional address to my home or office?

Yes. In the buying process in the "Address" section you can add delivery addresses and give a name or alias to each one for easy identification.


What types of delivery do you have?

Without any cost, you can choose between picking up the product at our store or request Cash On Delivery if you live in Mexico City (does not apply in metropolitan area). For shipments outside Mexico City, we have normal shipping (delivery time from 3 to 5 business days) and economic shipping (delivery time from 8 to 13 business days).


I do not feel comfortable paying online. Do you offer more alternatives?

Yes. You can pay in Oxxo, Sanborns, Elektra, Salinas&Rocha and Telecomm. If you have a Telcel phone, you can also use Transfer from Inbursa bank (just google "Transfer Inbursa" for more details). You can also pay phisically in Banco Inbursa and Banco Azteca. If you live in Mexico City, you can use Cash on Delivery too.


Can I personally pick up the product?

Yes. You can come any time you want in our open hours. You can also request Cash On Delivery if you live in Mexico City.


In your store, do you accept credit or debit cards along with cash?

Yes. At our store we accept Visa and MasterCard along with cash. On the other hand, if you request Cash On Delivery we can only receive cash.


How long does it take the shipping?

In the ordering process we have 3 shipping options and each one has its corresponding delivery time. Shipping options are: 1) Cash On Delivery (only applies in Mexico City) with delivery time of 1 to 3 calendar days, 2) Normal shipping with delivery time of 3 to 5 business days and 3) Economic shipping with delivery time of 8 to 13 business days. For options 2 and 3, if you make your payment before 13:00 pm, your merchandise will be shipped the same business day.


What are your shipping costs?

Cash On Delivery: Available for Mexico City (does not apply in metropolitan area). Free of charge. Restrictions may apply.

Normal Shipping: Cost: $79.99 MXN.

Economic Shipping: Cost: $49.99 MXN.

NOTE: If you can't receive your order, please make sure there is someone to receive your package during the day. In order to receive your shipment, it will be needed a valid ID.

Can I buy by e-mail?

Yes you can. Just give us the reference of the product and the shipping address. You can also use WhatsApp.